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Versibox is a company specialized in the market of marine containers and modular building.
We offer sales, leasing and special projects.

We are a global company, operating in several countries, with a wide network of suppliers and partners, offering varied ideas and solutions in maritime containers and modular building. Always aiming for quality and ethics in all your business. Customized and innovative solutions according to customer needs.

Comprised of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in container trade and leasing, the company was created with the idea that trust is built from a true relationship with customers and suppliers. Understand your real needs and create solutions that best suit you. We are a company that seeks comprehensive and versatile solutions, meeting the expectations of our customers.

We always strive to create a great and lasting relationship with all the involved parties, so we imagine growing with confidence, quality, solidity and profitability.


– Units available in several countries
– We sell all types and sizes of units
– Containers within international standards
– Varied services to meet all customer needs
– Ability to meet the most diverse projects
– Customized service according to the customer’s needs
– Efficiency in the attendance
– Experience in the most diverse sectors, such as oil and gas, metallurgy, project cargoes, cargo agents, construction companies, pharmaceutical sector and others.


International Sales

Versibox is a global provider of marine containers and modular build. We offer the most varied sizes and types, according to the need of the costumer and in several countries.

Units manufactured according to international standards, we can suggest the container or modular build suitable for the purpose, which can be new or used.


Marine containers can be used for a variety of purposes. From the use in the transport of goods, as well as in projects of customization for houses, warehouses, offices, bathrooms etc.

New units are one-tripper containers, usually made in China and available at the place of purchase.

In the case of used containers, we work with units in excellent condition.
We provide certified containers when needed.

We work with the following units:

  • Dry
  • Open Top
  • Flat Rack
  • Reefer
  • Tank

Modular Building

Modular building are functional and detachable, easy to transport and use. Made of galvanized steel, with high durability and weather resistance, they are versatile units that allow coupling for the most diverse needs.

We work with the following units:

  • Office
  • Restroom
  • Dining Room
  • Snack Bar
  • Store
  • Dormitory
  • Deposit
  • House

New Containers

Used Containers

Modular Building

International Lease

In addition to the sale, Versibox offers rental of containers and housing modules. We work with Domestic Rent Contracts and One Way Lease, which are alternatives to smaller operations or just a trip.

In Domestic Rent, the containers or housing modules are rented for a specific period of time. That can be short or long term, according to customer needs. This option is the best solution for static storage wherever you need to expand storage or for some specific project.

One Way Lease is the mode where the container is used in just one trip.

They are options that allow you to adjust the cost according to the operation. Both solutions can be offered in several countries.

Domestic Rental

  • In domestic rent it is possible to lease maritime containers or modular building
  • Customized according to customer needs
  • Short-term or long-term solutions
  • Maritime container options and modular building for office, warehouse, bathroom, snack bar among others, see availability

One Way Lease

  • One Way Lease is only possible with marine containers
  • Units used for one trip
  • End-to-End Operations
  • Container is delivered in the country of origin and returned in the destination country

Projects and Customization

Project executed by our partner Eurobras

We recycle marine containers, as well as construct new modular buildings for use in many applications. Both options are tailored to meet custom designs, according to the needs of the user. They are practical and accessible alternatives and most often cheaper than conventional civil construction.

We can offer self-sustainable modules, with water reuse system through rain collection and / or solar energy, making our products environmentally and nature friendly.

We are able to serve the most diverse types of projects of our customers. Construction of houses, schools, shops, bathrooms, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, etc. Bring your idea to develop your project.

In addition to environmentally friendly, marine container designs and modular build, they are versatile and easy to transport, allow quick and inexpensive construction.

Marine Container Customization

Modular Building


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